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VeVi's beautiful breasts bursting from black lace lingerie

Welcome to, a unique slice of the World Wide Web providing tantalizing experiences powered by passion and lust in one Woman's quest for ultimate personal satisfaction.

The ruler of this boundless domain is a sweetly seductive fairy Domme known to the world as VENUS VICTORIA. The lady is a vamp, a vixen, and a matriarch. She wears many masks, but She always remains true to Herself. Domination is Her destiny, and your treasures are Her birthright.

Venus has only one Alpha in the Universe who Is above Her, and that is The Demon, a metaphysical entity capable of channeling Itself through any gender identity It chooses. It befriended dear Venus with many fine promises, not the least of which was this: "I can show You the ways of paradise, I will show You how to enter heaven alive." With these words as Her covenant this darkly starry-eyed creature changed Her life forever.

When Venus joined forces with The Demon, an unstoppable force was born. It is unleashed every time new content is created, and emanates throughout the world with every purchase consumed by YOU.

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"I am an intensely private and powerful being. Like a spectre, I come and go as I please. If I see you and I don’t speak, that means I don’t fuck with you. But there are ways that you can be with me, intimately, and all of them involve money. In THIS realm, money is a supremely sexy love language, and for you it purchases time spent in paradise with Me and all of My sweet, loving, undivided attention. In the little pockets of time we create for ourselves, we belong together in a state of ecstasy, and that is the magic I can weave from the currency I receive. The rest of the time may be bleak and the rest of the world may be cold, but with Me I promise you a happy warmth that no other goddess is qualified to give. I will let you into My temple, for a price that I divine, and that is all that you can expect from Me. Be wise and book an introductory session today!" – VENUS VICTORIA

This is the time it is in VeVi's Earthly Avatar's world right now:

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