Fetish Affairs

hard dick encased with scissors
Here is where you will be able to find all kinds of interesting information regarding VeVi's sexy affairs.♥

It is very ♦IMPORTANT!♦ to note that Venus Victoria strongly believes in & strictly practices RISK-AWARE CONSENSUAL KINK (also known as R.A.C.K.). Be aware that more extreme requests are certainly welcome but may require extensive discussion, a strict vetting process and a contract in order to materialize such fantasies safely.

Interests & Offerings

—Foot, Ass & Breast Worship
—Fashion & Beauty
Fetish Fashion, Street Fashion, High Fashion, Gothic Fashion, Nylons, Shoes, Leggings, Gloves, Self-Styled T-Shirts
—Cum Eating Instruction (CEI)
—Jerk-Off Instruction (JOI)
—Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
—Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)
—Fetish Video Clips (custom commissions welcome!)
—Ass-Mastery/Prostate Massage
—Crushing with Ass & Feet
Cakes, Fruit, Nuts, Dolls, Toys
—Impact Play
Ball Busting, Trampling, Flagellation, Caning, Paddling, Punching, Face Slapping
—Edge Play
Erotic Asphyxiation, Bloodplay, Knifeplay, Controlled Cutting, Fireplay, Gunplay, Erotic Electrostimulation, Erotic Sounding
—Erotic Roleplay
—Financial Domination (findom)
Goddess Tithes, CashPoint Meets, Reimbursement Opportunities, Techno-Domination, Ripoff, Wallet Rinses, RT Games
—Chastity Keyholding
—Phone Chatting & Sexting, Text Chatting
—Pet Play
—Age Play
—Taboo Play
Incest, Blackmail, Torture. Extensive discussion, strict vetting process & contract may be required for some forms of play.
—Sensation Play
Sensory Deprivation, Fire & Ice, Wax Play, Sensual Body Massage Work, Orgasm Facilitation
—RealTime Sessions
Granted only to select submissives. Please ask.
—Total Power Exchange
—Death Fetishism
Afterlife Play, Judgement Day Play, Near-Death Experience Play
—Religious Domination
Inquisition Play, Forced Apostasy, Forced Conversion, Forced Blasphemy
—ASMR Experiences
—Tease & Denial
Pick your poison: satin scarves, ropes, handcuffs, duct tape, plastic wrap, or barbed wire.
Online and RealTime, Private and Public
—Poppets/Voodoo Dolls
—Forced Intoxification
Online Only
—Sexy Scavenger Hunts
—Special Directives
—Handwritten Letters, Beautiful Cursive Handwriting
Wanna be pen pals?
—Everyday-Life Sneak Peeks
—Private Consultation Sessions
Personal Counseling & Support, Life & Death Coaching, Relationship Analysis & Advice, Self-Love Pep Talks
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