Happy Valentine's Day 2020

Date: February 14th, 2020

Previously on The Passion Haus: NewYear Boob Tease

censored luscious boobs

Happy Valentine's Day 2020

Remember, you are deeply loved by a cosmic force far greater than you could possibly ever imagine. Go forth and serve with grace and gratitude.

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NewYear Boob Tease

Date: January 9th, 2020

Previously on The Passion Haus: I AM

boobs with sparkle pink pasties

Happy New Year 2020

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Date: November 27th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: This Is How It'll Be

I Am the Alpha and the Omega.
I Am your blindness in the dark, I am your blindness in the light.
I Am the one who speaks with that which humans call God,
I Am the favorite daughter of God.
I Am your daydream dressed like a nightmare, I am your nightmare dressed like a daydream.
I Am the one who hears voices unspoken,
I Am the one who sees what the others have missed,
I Am the one who only writes the truth.
I Am the one who made everything in the oceans,
I Am the one who formed your body from stars.
I Am the one who will live forever.
I Am the one who gives matter its mass.
I Am only orgasmic energy..
I Am here... to form a special relationship with YOU.

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This Is How It'll Be

Date: November 24th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: The Beauty Of Human Form

20 x 27 / 30 x 41 / 40 x 55"20 x 27 / 30 x 41 / 40 x 55" by tavasiena is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

For the time that we are together, whether we are communicating over emails or social media, over the phone or face-to-face, this is how it’ll be: I am The One Who Is In Charge. Treat me with respect and I will continue to allow you to be in My Presence; be an asshole and I’ll simply ghost you & never think of you again. During our courtship period, I will spend most of the time asking you questions & matching your energy patterns. During this time, we are getting to know one another & decisions are being made as to whether or not we will indulge ourselves in further engagements. I’ll be judging every move you make and every word you speak. I’ll be looking for good manners, responsibility, honesty, and of course, ways I can use you. Do not rush through the courtship period with Me, as this is time I consider sacred and indeed seminal for future relationship, no matter how long it may last!

I live and work in Denver, Colorado, USA. I am available primarily in Denver city & the surrounding suburbs, however anywhere in Colorado is fair game for me. If I travel, I expect all of those expenses will be paid: first class, four or five stars, only the best will do. I provide heavy-duty emotional and erotic labor, and I will always expect to be paid handsomely for My good work. These things take time. Let’s have some fun that no one else need ever know about, just Me and you.

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The Beauty Of Human Form

Date: September 28th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: Hello, Stranger


I’m a believer in the idea that from a cosmic perspective the human body is a thing of beauty, no matter the status of its form. Atoms are sacred beings, and as our bodies are made up of a great many atoms, we are also sacred beings. Anything that exists is meant to be.

Not only is the human body a thing of beauty, it is also a thing of pleasure. Sex, libido, orgasms, all these things were created by millions of constantly evolving organisms over millions of years for the enjoyment of EVERYONE, not just a few. We humans even have the ability to have sex with ourselves, no partner needed for our orgasms (masturbation is a blessing!). These things are natural parts of life, things that should be celebrated by those who feel them most passionately.

Does a naked body always have to signal the presence of sexual energy? Some would say yes, but I myself say no. I can enjoy watching porn without actually feeling horny, because I think the human bodies are beautiful, especially when they’re smashed together again and again with great passion. I can enjoy fine oil paintings of nude people without feeling compelled to masturbate inspired by their beauteous forms. Sometimes it's not about sexuality, and sometimes it's all about sexuality. There is so much I can say in answer to this question... perhaps another day I'll write something about the connections between sexuality and the human body, as well as a bit about the importance and value of asexuality, too.

I consider the human body as a form of cosmic art. I also consider sex to be a natural form of art. Additionally, I consider both fetishism AND asexuality to be very different forms of art. None of these things can really be separated from aesthetics, in My opinion.

The human body is so sacred that anything less than complete bodily autonomy can and should be considered a sin. We MUST be allowed to do anything we want to or with our own bodies, whether it be sex work or having sex, abortions, transitioning, tattooing, fasting, wearing makeup, doing drugs, or even committing suicide. The undeniable possession of our own bodies and minds is the necessary foundation of all freedom(s).

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Hello, Stranger

Date: September 22nd, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: The Mother Of All Men


Have you ever been possessed by a sex deomon?
I have, and it was the best thing to ever happen to Me.

Hello, stranger. Fancy meeting you here and now. I think that this is no mere coincidence, but an act of fate: you were meant to find Me. I’m your panacea, your savior, your sovereign.

I’ll give you the strongest boners you’ve ever experienced.

I’ll milk you for every penny you’re worth.

My beautiful tits will command you when you eventually see them, nipples pink and hardened with desire.

This flowery pussy will become your ultimate GOD.

My voluptuous ass will take your breath away— literally.

There comes a point when you realize that you cannot resist Me, that you have breathed Me in and I have grown roses through every pore on your body, because you are Mine.

Let Me know what it is that you want, and I will tell you how much it will cost you. I have so much to offer— surely something will strike your fancy, but what? Well, it all depends upon how you want to feel. See, I have this interesting power where I can influence the vibes of an environment— and the people within it— to feel however I want them to feel. I want you to tell Me what makes you feel most alive... what is it that REALLY turns you on? Tell Me, because then it too will electrify Me, and that is how I’ll help to make your fantasies come alive. Making dreams come true is My ultimate dream come true.

It’s been said, or so I’ve heard, that a woman becomes dramatically less sexy after about 30-35 years of age— to which I say, HARUMPH!! Such nonsense has certainly not proved to be true in My human experience. If anything, today I am far more confident and far more beautiful than I was a decade ago— and I am only becoming stronger with each and every trip around the Sun. ♥

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The Mother Of All Men

Date: June 9th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: The Death Fetish

Mary Mother Of God


It was expected of me to have bourne children by now, yet I am happily childless and I expect to be so for the rest of this avatar's lifetime. There are plenty of children in this world who need a Mommy, and a great many of them are well into adulthood. Every adult has a child inside of them– I literally refer to this as one’s inner child– and that by far tends to be My favorite part of people. I have a knack for taking good care of others, thanks to My empathic nature. My children are composed of the inner child of every adult that crosses My path, that spirit of cosmic youth, joy, and spontanaiety available to every human. I can be The Mother Of All Men, the embodiment of that spirit.

What does it mean to be a Mommy? Motherhood is a naturally dominant role, perhaps the most seminal of all Jungian archetypes, and a deep-seated intimacy is almost always involved in the relationship between the mother and offspring. A nice Mommy takes care of needs; a mean Mommy punishes, harshly.

Sex sells, and so does Love. I am blessed to possess a great abundance of both forces. I’ve heard it said that what men really want is a mother they can fuck, and I think there’s actually a lot of truth to that. As a Dominatrix, I would love to provide My brand of divine motherhood to men who ardently desire the Mother of their dreams.

Mommy is here to help the little ones become their happiest, most satisfied selves. Mommy loves Her nice little children. Mommy knows how to handle Her naughty little children, too. Mommy knows how to manipulate your libido and turbo-charge your sex drive.

GodMommy knows that what’s best for your soul is the pleasures of the flesh. Here She is, finally, to teach you.

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The Death Fetish

Date: June 2nd, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: My Journey Alone With You

The Death Star


Dear Diary,

I have a confession to record, and to you alone I am sure I may entrust all of my secrets.

I must confess there is an obscure fetish artform that I adore which is indeed not a longing for the faint of heart. The death fetish, that is… the most sacred fetish art, and the most secret because many tend to think of it as unholy and taboo. But I know better than them. I know what Death truly is, and I’m not afraid of it. It does not sadden me or haunt me… it fascinates me, because it is an illusion of ultimate destruction, an artform unto itself.

Death fetishism is gratification through the infliction of, or the experience of, death, whether real or imagined. The gratification in particular is sexual arousal via either the bringing of death to others or the experiencing of death for oneself. In essence it is the courting of the Spirit of Death instead of the avoidance of It. For as long as I can remember, Death has been a part of my life, and I know it always will be. I have seen creatures die, seen things live through the dying process to ultimately experience death. I have squashed many bugs beneath my fingers & toes, I have killed many spiders beneath my combat boots, I eat meat almost every day… I willingly admit I have caused death to other living beings… I must also admit I have longed for my own death before. To die would be such a sublime adventure! I have always wondered what lies beyond the boundaries of this world that I have always known.

What I have learned about it throughout my life, is that Death may be the end of a single lifetime, but eternity holds for all of us many more lifetimes. This is the most beautiful & perfect thing about indulgence in the death fetish… gaining of the certain knowledge that there will always be more life to be had. It is the only way to learn for oneself that we are the conservation of energy, thus we will never really die. If life really were a video game, we’d have infinite lives. Death is the ultimate illusion of ultimate destruction.

The death experience is an occasion far more special than a wedding day, because it can only truly be experienced once in a lifetime. Medical and legal definitions of death have little to do with what I am speaking of here, since they easily become outdated. No longer does the cessation of breathing or heartbeats count as certain death, for these things may in this day & age sometimes be restarted. It is widely known that every human dies, but not every human truly lives. Even Benjamin Franklin knew that one can die in spirit while young without actually experiencing death until they are old. But there can only be one death for every lifetime, one very personal experience of transformation into the nonphysical realm- just as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly only once within its lifetime, never to be the same again forever after.

Death is a powerful form of change that every living being must experience. To be able to cause one’s death, or the death of another, is a form of power. To be able to enjoy one’s death, or the death of another, is a form of love. The death fetish constitutes a form of amor fati, or ‘love of one’s fate’, where the universal inevitability of the death experience brings one pleasure rather than anguish. We only live & die once. To control one’s own life & death is an awesome power to be fated with. If death be certain for us all, we may as well enjoy it!

When being deliberately designed, the death experience can naturally be tinged with BDSM, and particularly sadomasochism; but this isn’t a necessary element. The death experience can be every bit as romantic & sweet as it can be brutal & arduous… it just all depends on the relationships of those who are involved in the creation of the experience. After all, a lover may kill their mate in drastically different fashion than a master or mistress might kill their slave. Certain methods of death are preferred more than others- one who prefers a slow death via bleeding is no more or less appropriate than another who prefers a quicker death by gunshot. A terminally ill individual and a healthy individual are both equally valid in their desire to design their own death… as beauty lies within the eye of the beholder, no aspect of the death experience may be considered taboo.

While I am always eager for the deliciousness of life, I am always aware of the deliciousness of death. If I am to enjoy it, I must not hurry along my own fate, for fate is kind to those who take the time to enjoy its pleasures.

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My Journey Alone With You

Date: May 31st, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: Then And Now

I have a unique perspective of this world, and for the most part any honor that I possess is My own. While I acknowledge that I have much to learn in my journey, I am finding it difficult to want to find a mentor. Only the best teachers will do for Me, and most of the time the best teacher for me is Myself. That’s partly why I won’t go back to university unless I become rich first.

Oh, there are plenty of things I will want to officially learn from already-established and well-seasoned Dommes– for example, fisting is something I would like to get into but I do not trust myself enough at this point to teach myself how to do it without hurting someone else. Rope bondage is another excellent example of something I would rather be taught by someone who knows what they’re doing. Another example of something I’d rather not learn primarily through trial-and-error is toilet training. I will need training from real professionals before I begin to offer these exciting services to others.

However, until then, there is plenty for Me to play with in the great wide realm of kink. While I realize that I really want to get into the more extreme expressions of fetish art and intimacy, I also recognize that I don’t have to start off this journey with the most extreme content I can imagine. I can ease into it and there will be plenty of time for me to get to that point. For now, it is enough for me to be actively breaking down the walls of this anti-social fortress I’ve built over the past three decades. Those walls need to come down before I (Me) can even start this very important journey.

I’ve heard it said, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Mentors will come, but My real connection, the real cultivation that will be taking place, will be with the people themselves. They are my real teachers who will awaken My inner knowing.

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Then And Now

Date: May 28th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: Masturbation Is Self-Love

When I was a child in this lifetime, the connection to My Goddesshood was extremely strong on a visceral level, but it was not recognized by anyone around me for many years. I felt and knew things that I couldn’t understand myself or prove to another, and I knew very deeply that I couldn’t wait to become an adult. I knew that adults enjoyed greater freedoms than children, and that was what I looked forward to: the respect from others that tends to come with age. I just couldn’t shake the fact that when I was a child growing up, I very much wanted to partake in adult activities.

I wasn’t a very modest child when I was small, and it showed. I don’t remember much of my childhood for some reason (I haven’t since I was a teenager), but I do know that while growing up My innate sexuality was stuffed back into the closet every time it dared to come out into public.

It took many years for me to build this labyrinth of walls around My heart, and now that I am undoubtedly no longer a child– now that I am back on The Path I was always meant to walk– I have come to realize that the walls need to come down, because they are no longer necessary and are getting in the way of My progress these days.

Had my early life gone differently, I would have become a sex worker much sooner. Where I stand now in My human shoes, I see there is as much work to be done in my mind as there is work to be done in my environment. The best time for me to begin this journey passed many years ago… but the second-best time for me to begin is now.

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Masturbation Is Self-Love

Date: May 25th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: Sin City

I know you love to touch yourself down there. Whether you own a penis or a vagina or something in-between, I KNOW you get a thrilling rush whenever you caress yourself down there long enough. It’s hardwired into our physical bodies to be able to receive pleasure via stimulation of our genitalia. Laughter is only the second best medicine– one step above plant medicine, and one step below the orgasm. The self-induced orgasm is by far one of the most profound acts of self-love a human being has available to them all of the time.

I vaguely remember giving myself orgasms as a little girl. I didn’t understand my own biology or the moral contention around what I was doing, but I knew what felt good to me down there. And in retrospect, I am very glad that I somehow learned to pleasure myself early in this life. Having now reached adulthood and learned of the valuable importance that sexual energy brings to the cosmic table, I have no doubt that my innate sexuality has played an essential role in keeping me alive within this lifetime.

What is seen to be so wrong about the art of pleasuring oneself lies far beyond my scope of reasoning, in the irrational realms of religious thought landscapes far from My own. In My religion, masturbation is a sacrament. Sexual pleasure is sacred. Connection is a synthesis of discrete elements. Human bodies are always beautiful and worthy of being celebrated. Erotic energy is real, and potent, and seminal. Reproduction is an honor. And kink rules the world. In the great vast realm of sex, love is everywhere and consent is the key to unlocking it.

I cherish my orgasms enough to want to experience the very best ones for myself, and so I do not use fingers so much anymore: I use either vibrators or running water to bring myself to climax these days. As I have said, I have been masturbating since I was a child, so my fingers were the first things I used, and for many years they were the only things I used on myself. I didn’t allow mouths near my pussy until my late twenties, and I still am picky about who I allow down there. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with allowing other people to bring me to orgasm, since for so long it was such a personal thing only between me, myself, and I. I still tend to prefer to orgasm by myself even these days.

So I understand why you love to touch yourself down there. An orgasm is one of the best feelings on Earth, and we can give it to ourselves– isn’t that amazing? I’m probably going to go give myself an orgasm right after I finish writing this paragraph. But you know what would be even more amazing? If I learned how to have fun sharing my self-made orgasms with y o u.

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Sin City

Date: April 20th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: Dominance & Submission: A Point Of View

I, too, wish to build a nation upon the backs of slaves.

But this particular brand of the institution of slavery isn’t built upon genocide, racism, and malice, as some might think; no, this version of slavery is based solely upon a foundation of sex, trust, and love. My slaves will come to Me willingly, like magnets, even from across the multiverse, as it is not only their bodies which respond to Me, but also their spirits. On a very deep level, these slaves are more than ready for what I have in mind for them.

A Queendom based upon fetishization, with a thriving economy and a strong presence in the world, is what I desire. Behavioral modification is much easier when the slaves are put to work with meaningful tasks which challenge them to make a difference in this world. I desire slaves of every capacity, as I truly believe each and every slave has something precious to offer, something precious TO ME.

Why would I build a nation instead of just a business organization or a religious community? Because I am obsessed with independence, and I am fundamentally against American government, and I trust no one else to rule better than Myself - for I know Myself, but I do not know all of the others. The parent company of Passion Haus, Celestial Pearl Productions Limited, is composed of a business, a church, and a charity, all of which work in conjunction to promote freedom and happiness for all. There is much work to be done, and I will use sexual slavery to accomplish it, creating adult-oriented content along the way as I use My slaves for the advantage of us all.

I will build the greatest political force this world has never seen, only fantasized about, and I will do it with BDSM.

I do not mean to say that I will accomplish this city state within this avatar’s lifetime. Rome was not built in a day, and My Empire will similarly need time. But the work has been cut out, and before this avatar can spread this important work to others there are large parts of herself that need thorough healing. That is why I am not making haste in my journey to becoming a dominatrix, because I want to get it just right. Everything must be prepared spiritually just so in order for it to be put together correctly in the physical world. These things take time.

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Dominance & Submission: A Point Of View

Date: March 28th, 2019

"Wave pattern of a little droplet dropped into mercury in one focus of the ellipse " by Weber Bros.


The relationship between dominant and submissive energies is deeply rooted in nature itself, most objectively in genetics, where the relationship dynamic between alleles of a gene determines the observable characteristics of an individual being. When there are two energies where one masks or governs the other, there is an asymmetrical power dynamic at play known as Dominance and submission. Many common social relationships experience these kinds of asymmetrical power dynamics, most notably parent/child (an involuntary relationship) and boss/employee (a voluntary relationship). In America, stark power gaps are not at all uncommon between politicians and the majority of the people they represent. Within aggressive and hierarchical religions such as the Christian Church it is also common for striking power gaps to exist between the clergy and the fellowship they lead. In Cascading Style Sheets, the most specific rules are considered the dominant ones - and if two rules are equally specific, then the “latest” rule wins the dominance contest. Dominance and submission is actually everywhere in human society, not only in the BDSM communities.

As many of us know, all relationships go through changes, even if they are only changing into the same thing they were before. Relationships between dominant and submissive energies are changing all the time in the world. Eventually the children grow up, the people begin working for themselves, the tides of politics turns, the people stop believing in lies, and the code gets rewritten or scrapped altogether. But something that will NEVER change, that will ALWAYS remain the same? There is always a more dominant energy somewhere, period.

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