Approaching Her Grace

The First Time

Venus Victoria formally began Her Domination journey on October 1st, 2018. But even if you have known her for years as Anastasia Valentine, when you approach VENUS VICTORIA you are approaching more than just a magnificent mortal woman: you are approaching a living Goddess encircled in human flesh and ablaze with the fires of divine purpose. So when making yourself known to VeVi for the first time, remember to give Her the utmost respect and bring with you the best version of yourself that you can muster.

The easiest way to accomplish a good first impression with VeVi is to TRIBUTE HER FIRST with your wallet before contacting Her with your filled-out copy of Venus Victoria's Introductive Application— a document every new sub must complete BEFORE being considered for ownership or an in-person session. This easy-to-use PDF application can be saved, filled out, and emailed to VeVi right after sending Her your initial tribute. The current minimum required tribute for your application to be reviewed is: $5 US. Amazing!

Thank you for showing respect by tributing
BEFORE making contact!♥