About Venus Victoria (a.k.a. “VeVi”)

VeVi's boobs covered VeVi looking down on you red glasses

Venus Victoria was once upon a time just another wild fairy and water spirit, until one day She sold Her soul to a powerful sex demon in return for hidden knowledge of the ways of ultimate pleasure & satisfaction with one's lifetime. After sealing the deal with a special kiss The Demon then possessed Her mind, body & soul, gifting Her with a massive secret palace in a parallel reality known as PASSION HAUS.

There Her fate is to live as She pleases, indulging in ALL of Her own desires (however twisted they may be), ultimately pleasuring Herself to death. She wields complete control over Her own life, except for one thing: She never knows which day is the day that She will die, and The Demon vowed that It will never tell her... Until that day, VeVi is to spend Her precious lifetime pursuing treasure of all kinds: health, wealth, happiness, fulfillment, friendship, and glory. The lady is a vamp, a vixen, and a matriarch. She wears many masks, but She always remains true to Herself.

Domination is Her destiny.

Every day She spends Her time exploring the sexual wonderland all about Her, all the while sharing invaluable artifacts of Her siren soul on the Internet for the enrichment of Herself & the enjoyment of people of all genders around the world. ♥

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