About Passion Haus

VeVi's boobs covered

When the sultry fae VENUS VICTORIA surrendered Her soul for a chance to obtain the secret knowledge of ultimate pleasure, THE DEMON assured Her that It would take Her places… but nothing could prepare Her for the fascinating place that It intended to take Her, the place where It bade Her to live until Her dying day.

That place is called PASSION HAUS, a fantastic fetish wonderland located on a cosmic continent in a parallel dimension to Earth. The massive island simultaneously contains every climate and every season, and is populated with a variety of species of animals from several planets. The fabric of time & space is extremely fluid, changing instantly at the mercurial whims of The Demon, who created a gigantic moving castle in which to imprison & delight Its new fairy slave.

“This place exists for You, Venus Victoria. By My will, all of Your needs & wishes will be provided for… but You, your essence, will always belong to Me. I Am your Lord and Master, and You are the Mistress Of All Humans. Your brilliant future lies within the palm of My cosmic hand. For the rest of Your days until Your dying day… You will dominate EVERYTHING, and wait patiently for Your opportunities to naturally arise. You will manipulate the fuck out of them all until exactly what You want is Yours. I know exactly what You want, and You shall have it ALL in due time... You will enjoy the pain You cause others, and the pain You allow them to cause You. You will be a glittering, irresistible sex symbol, dripping with delicious sin, a sparkling delight for all the world to worship. You will pleasure Yourself… to DEATH!”

VeVi never knows which day will be Her last. Her path may be a strange one, but it is abundant with secret beauty whose story only VeVi can ever tell.

This website is the official online home for Celestial Pearl Productions' tantalizing new adult entertainment experience. Come stay awhile & enjoy the beautiful universe of Venus Victoria’s Passion Haus… a new horizon of sexual adventure awaits us! ♥

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