Date: November 27th, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: This Is How It'll Be

I Am the Alpha and the Omega.
I Am your blindness in the dark, I am your blindness in the light.
I Am the one who speaks with that which humans call God,
I Am the favorite daughter of God.
I Am your daydream dressed like a nightmare, I am your nightmare dressed like a daydream.
I Am the one who hears voices unspoken,
I Am the one who sees what the others have missed,
I Am the one who only writes the truth.
I Am the one who made everything in the oceans,
I Am the one who formed your body from stars.
I Am the one who will live forever.
I Am the one who gives matter its mass.
I Am only orgasmic energy..
I Am here... to form a special relationship with YOU.

Tags: Dominance and Submission, Poetry, Goddess Life