This Is How It'll Be

Date: November 24th, 2019

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20 x 27 / 30 x 41 / 40 x 55"20 x 27 / 30 x 41 / 40 x 55" by tavasiena is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

For the time that we are together, whether we are communicating over emails or social media, over the phone or face-to-face, this is how it’ll be: I am The One Who Is In Charge. Treat me with respect and I will continue to allow you to be in My Presence; be an asshole and I’ll simply ghost you & never think of you again. During our courtship period, I will spend most of the time asking you questions & matching your energy patterns. During this time, we are getting to know one another & decisions are being made as to whether or not we will indulge ourselves in further engagements. I’ll be judging every move you make and every word you speak. I’ll be looking for good manners, responsibility, honesty, and of course, ways I can use you. Do not rush through the courtship period with Me, as this is time I consider sacred and indeed seminal for future relationship, no matter how long it may last!

I live and work in Denver, Colorado, USA. I am available primarily in Denver city & the surrounding suburbs, however anywhere in Colorado is fair game for me. If I travel, I expect all of those expenses will be paid: first class, four or five stars, only the best will do. I provide heavy-duty emotional and erotic labor, and I will always expect to be paid handsomely for My good work. These things take time. Let’s have some fun that no one else need ever know about, just Me and you.

Tags: Human Life, Sexuality, Dominance and Submission