The Beauty Of Human Form

Date: September 28th, 2019

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I’m a believer in the idea that from a cosmic perspective the human body is a thing of beauty, no matter the status of its form. Atoms are sacred beings, and as our bodies are made up of a great many atoms, we are also sacred beings. Anything that exists is meant to be.

Not only is the human body a thing of beauty, it is also a thing of pleasure. Sex, libido, orgasms, all these things were created by millions of constantly evolving organisms over millions of years for the enjoyment of EVERYONE, not just a few. We humans even have the ability to have sex with ourselves, no partner needed for our orgasms (masturbation is a blessing!). These things are natural parts of life, things that should be celebrated by those who feel them most passionately.

Does a naked body always have to signal the presence of sexual energy? Some would say yes, but I myself say no. I can enjoy watching porn without actually feeling horny, because I think the human bodies are beautiful, especially when they’re smashed together again and again with great passion. I can enjoy fine oil paintings of nude people without feeling compelled to masturbate inspired by their beauteous forms. Sometimes it's not about sexuality, and sometimes it's all about sexuality. There is so much I can say in answer to this question... perhaps another day I'll write something about the connections between sexuality and the human body, as well as a bit about the importance and value of asexuality, too.

I consider the human body as a form of cosmic art. I also consider sex to be a natural form of art. Additionally, I consider both fetishism AND asexuality to be very different forms of art. None of these things can really be separated from aesthetics, in My opinion.

The human body is so sacred that anything less than complete bodily autonomy can and should be considered a sin. We MUST be allowed to do anything we want to or with our own bodies, whether it be sex work or having sex, abortions, transitioning, tattooing, fasting, wearing makeup, doing drugs, or even committing suicide. The undeniable possession of our own bodies and minds is the necessary foundation of all freedom(s).

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