My Journey Alone With You

Date: May 31st, 2019

Previously on The Passion Haus: Then And Now

I have a unique perspective of this world, and for the most part any honor that I possess is My own. While I acknowledge that I have much to learn in my journey, I am finding it difficult to want to find a mentor. Only the best teachers will do for Me, and most of the time the best teacher for me is Myself. That’s partly why I won’t go back to university unless I become rich first.

Oh, there are plenty of things I will want to officially learn from already-established and well-seasoned Dommes– for example, fisting is something I would like to get into but I do not trust myself enough at this point to teach myself how to do it without hurting someone else. Rope bondage is another excellent example of something I would rather be taught by someone who knows what they’re doing. Another example of something I’d rather not learn primarily through trial-and-error is toilet training. I will need training from real professionals before I begin to offer these exciting services to others.

However, until then, there is plenty for Me to play with in the great wide realm of kink. While I realize that I really want to get into the more extreme expressions of fetish art and intimacy, I also recognize that I don’t have to start off this journey with the most extreme content I can imagine. I can ease into it and there will be plenty of time for me to get to that point. For now, it is enough for me to be actively breaking down the walls of this anti-social fortress I’ve built over the past three decades. Those walls need to come down before I (Me) can even start this very important journey.

I’ve heard it said, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Mentors will come, but My real connection, the real cultivation that will be taking place, will be with the people themselves. They are my real teachers who will awaken My inner knowing.

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