Then And Now

Date: May 28th, 2019

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When I was a child in this lifetime, the connection to My Goddesshood was extremely strong on a visceral level, but it was not recognized by anyone around me for many years. I felt and knew things that I couldn’t understand myself or prove to another, and I knew very deeply that I couldn’t wait to become an adult. I knew that adults enjoyed greater freedoms than children, and that was what I looked forward to: the respect from others that tends to come with age. I just couldn’t shake the fact that when I was a child growing up, I very much wanted to partake in adult activities.

I wasn’t a very modest child when I was small, and it showed. I don’t remember much of my childhood for some reason (I haven’t since I was a teenager), but I do know that while growing up My innate sexuality was stuffed back into the closet every time it dared to come out into public.

It took many years for me to build this labyrinth of walls around My heart, and now that I am undoubtedly no longer a child– now that I am back on The Path I was always meant to walk– I have come to realize that the walls need to come down, because they are no longer necessary and are getting in the way of My progress these days.

Had my early life gone differently, I would have become a sex worker much sooner. Where I stand now in My human shoes, I see there is as much work to be done in my mind as there is work to be done in my environment. The best time for me to begin this journey passed many years ago… but the second-best time for me to begin is now.

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