Masturbation Is Self-Love

Date: May 25th, 2019

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I know you love to touch yourself down there. Whether you own a penis or a vagina or something in-between, I KNOW you get a thrilling rush whenever you caress yourself down there long enough. It’s hardwired into our physical bodies to be able to receive pleasure via stimulation of our genitalia. Laughter is only the second best medicine– one step above plant medicine, and one step below the orgasm. The self-induced orgasm is by far one of the most profound acts of self-love a human being has available to them all of the time.

I vaguely remember giving myself orgasms as a little girl. I didn’t understand my own biology or the moral contention around what I was doing, but I knew what felt good to me down there. And in retrospect, I am very glad that I somehow learned to pleasure myself early in this life. Having now reached adulthood and learned of the valuable importance that sexual energy brings to the cosmic table, I have no doubt that my innate sexuality has played an essential role in keeping me alive within this lifetime.

What is seen to be so wrong about the art of pleasuring oneself lies far beyond my scope of reasoning, in the irrational realms of religious thought landscapes far from My own. In My religion, masturbation is a sacrament. Sexual pleasure is sacred. Connection is a synthesis of discrete elements. Human bodies are always beautiful and worthy of being celebrated. Erotic energy is real, and potent, and seminal. Reproduction is an honor. And kink rules the world. In the great vast realm of sex, love is everywhere and consent is the key to unlocking it.

I cherish my orgasms enough to want to experience the very best ones for myself, and so I do not use fingers so much anymore: I use either vibrators or running water to bring myself to climax these days. As I have said, I have been masturbating since I was a child, so my fingers were the first things I used, and for many years they were the only things I used on myself. I didn’t allow mouths near my pussy until my late twenties, and I still am picky about who I allow down there. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with allowing other people to bring me to orgasm, since for so long it was such a personal thing only between me, myself, and I. I still tend to prefer to orgasm by myself even these days.

So I understand why you love to touch yourself down there. An orgasm is one of the best feelings on Earth, and we can give it to ourselves– isn’t that amazing? I’m probably going to go give myself an orgasm right after I finish writing this paragraph. But you know what would be even more amazing? If I learned how to have fun sharing my self-made orgasms with y o u.

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