Sin City

Date: April 20th, 2019

I, too, wish to build a nation upon the backs of slaves.

But this particular brand of the institution of slavery isn’t built upon genocide, racism, and malice, as some might think; no, this version of slavery is based solely upon a foundation of sex, trust, and love. My slaves will come to Me willingly, like magnets, even from across the multiverse, as it is not only their bodies which respond to Me, but also their spirits. On a very deep level, these slaves are more than ready for what I have in mind for them.

A Queendom based upon fetishization, with a thriving economy and a strong presence in the world, is what I desire. Behavioral modification is much easier when the slaves are put to work with meaningful tasks which challenge them to make a difference in this world. I desire slaves of every capacity, as I truly believe each and every slave has something precious to offer, something precious TO ME.

Why would I build a nation instead of just a business organization or a religious community? Because I am obsessed with independence, and I am fundamentally against American government, and I trust no one else to rule better than Myself - for I know Myself, but I do not know all of the others. The parent company of Passion Haus, Celestial Pearl Productions Limited, is composed of a business, a church, and a charity, all of which work in conjunction to promote freedom and happiness for all. There is much work to be done, and I will use sexual slavery to accomplish it, creating adult-oriented content along the way as I use My slaves for the advantage of us all.

I will build the greatest political force this world has never seen, only fantasized about, and I will do it with BDSM.

I do not mean to say that I will accomplish this city state within this avatar’s lifetime. Rome was not built in a day, and My Empire will similarly need time. But the work has been cut out, and before this avatar can spread this important work to others there are large parts of herself that need thorough healing. That is why I am not making haste in my journey to becoming a dominatrix, because I want to get it just right. Everything must be prepared spiritually just so in order for it to be put together correctly in the physical world. These things take time.

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Tags: Dominance & Submission, Politics