Dominance & Submission: A Point Of View

Date: March 28th, 2019

"Wave pattern of a little droplet dropped into mercury in one focus of the ellipse " by Weber Bros.


The relationship between dominant and submissive energies is deeply rooted in nature itself, most objectively in genetics, where the relationship dynamic between alleles of a gene determines the observable characteristics of an individual being. When there are two energies where one masks or governs the other, there is an asymmetrical power dynamic at play known as Dominance and submission. Many common social relationships experience these kinds of asymmetrical power dynamics, most notably parent/child (an involuntary relationship) and boss/employee (a voluntary relationship). In America, stark power gaps are not at all uncommon between politicians and the majority of the people they represent. Within aggressive and hierarchical religions such as the Christian Church it is also common for striking power gaps to exist between the clergy and the fellowship they lead. In Cascading Style Sheets, the most specific rules are considered the dominant ones - and if two rules are equally specific, then the “latest” rule wins the dominance contest. Dominance and submission is actually everywhere in human society, not only in the BDSM communities.

As many of us know, all relationships go through changes, even if they are only changing into the same thing they were before. Relationships between dominant and submissive energies are changing all the time in the world. Eventually the children grow up, the people begin working for themselves, the tides of politics turns, the people stop believing in lies, and the code gets rewritten or scrapped altogether. But something that will NEVER change, that will ALWAYS remain the same? There is always a more dominant energy somewhere, period.

Tags: Dominance & Submission, Energy